Month: December 2009

If you want to do your own payroll, then you will need a software like Payroll Mate. Payroll Mate automatically calculates net pay, Federal, Social Security, Medicare, state and local payroll taxes. Payroll Mate also supports different types of payroll pay periods, prints checks, prepares for 940, 941, 944’s as well as W2’s and W3’s. It’s also Read more…

I would recommend using 1099 form software to complete 1099 forms. You will be able to find software with time saving features such as importing data. One good 1099 form printing software is known as W2 Mate. You can find a trial version of this software at

Please contact the Social Security Administration @ (866) 455-7438

1099 Misc copy C is the payer copy. This copy is for your records. If you need to print or order 1099 forms I found a nice website that sells form printing software and paper forms

To be able to print a W2 form online, it might be easiest to purchase a W2 printing software that you can download off the internet. After you have downloaded the software to your computer, you can then set up your employees and print your W2 forms right at your desk.

Payroll taxes can be difficult to figure out especially when a company has multiple employees. I recommened using a payroll software to figure the taxes for you. Payroll Mate is a simple payroll program that will give you your federal and state withholdings is is easy to use. Please go to to downlaod a trial of Read more…

To complete W2 forms for your employees I would recommend using W2 software. For complete instructions on generating W2 forms you can visit

The IRS requires 1099 Misc forms to be issued to contractors no later than Jan 31st and to be filed with them no later than Feb 28 by mail or March 31st if filing electronically. To comply with these deadlines you can use 1099 form software.

Using W2 form printing software to complete W2 forms is simple. This method can save you time and money. There is no need to purchase forms. For complete instructions on completing your W2 forms you can find valuable information at

I would recommend using payroll software. Software will automatically calculate payroll tax withholdings. This will save time and money. It will save you form making costly calclation errors, which can happen if making manual calculations.