Tag: 1099 misc forms

The IRS requires payers to issue 1099 MISC forms to their contractors. The most simple way to create 1099 Misc forms is to use 1099 tax software. A good 1099 form printing software should be capable of printing, preparing and filing 1099 forms.

In order to type on the 1099 misc forms, I would recommend you use a 1099 form printing software. 1099 form printing software will allow you to fill in the information on the 1099 and print out the copies to distribute accordingly. One good program for 1099 software can be found at www.realtaxtools.com

Typically there are a total of 5 copies that you would print of the 1099 Misc form. Copy A, B,C , 1 and 2. If you reside in a state that does not have state withholding then you would not produce Copy 1 & 2. To recieve further information on which 1099 misc forms you will need Read more…

1099 Misc forms are to be filed the the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS has two methods of filing forms. You can file paper forms or you can electronically file the forms.