Month: February 2010

By far the best solution would be to use a 1099 form printing software to complete 1099- Misc. This type of software will print 1099- Misc B, C, State 1 and 2 to blank paper and will print 1099- Misc A and 1096 forms to a preprinted form.

W2 forms can be purchased in an actual paper forms or by purchasing software that can print the form. A nice website for both products is

W2 copy A and W3 forms need to be sent to the Social Security Administration. Another option is to electronically file your forms. A nice software I suggest trying to print or to efile is called W2 Mate. A trial version of this software can by found on the publisher’s website.

W2 withholdings are the total income taxes withheld from an employee’s paycheck for the tax year. The easiest way to calculate W2 withholdings is to use payroll software that automatically calculates income tax withholdings. Payroll Mate automatically calculates income taxes and allows the user to print employee W2 forms.

To fill out 1099 Misc forms you can use 1099 software. 1099 software will print 1099 Misc copy B, C, 1 and 2 to blank paper and will print the data to 1099 Misc copy A and 1096 red ink laser forms.

Use W2 software to create your W2 forms. W2 form software will print employee copies you can issue by January 31st. A good program will print or file W2 A and W3 forms so you are in compliance with SSA. For more information regarding filing W2 forms go to or call 800-829-4933

I believe the best solution to W2 filing is to use W2 filing software which supports mailing paper forms or e-filing your forms. W2 Mate is a low cost software that prints the federal forms or has an option to electronically file. To learn more about this product please visit the publisher’s website.