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By far the best solution would be to use a 1099 form printing software to complete 1099- Misc. This type of software will print 1099- Misc B, C, State 1 and 2 to blank paper and will print 1099- Misc A and 1096 forms to a preprinted form.

To fill out 1099 Misc forms you can use 1099 software. 1099 software will print 1099 Misc copy B, C, 1 and 2 to blank paper and will print the data to 1099 Misc copy A and 1096 red ink laser forms.

I would recommend using 1099 form software to complete 1099 forms. You will be able to find software with time saving features such as importing data. One good 1099 form printing software is known as W2 Mate. You can find a trial version of this software at www.realtaxtools.com

The IRS requires 1099 Misc forms to be issued to contractors no later than Jan 31st and to be filed with them no later than Feb 28 by mail or March 31st if filing electronically. To comply with these deadlines you can use 1099 form software.

In order to type on the 1099 misc forms, I would recommend you use a 1099 form printing software. 1099 form printing software will allow you to fill in the information on the 1099 and print out the copies to distribute accordingly. One good program for 1099 software can be found at www.realtaxtools.com

Typically there are a total of 5 copies that you would print of the 1099 Misc form. Copy A, B,C , 1 and 2. If you reside in a state that does not have state withholding then you would not produce Copy 1 & 2. To recieve further information on which 1099 misc forms you will need Read more…

The easiest solution to do 1099 forms will be to use a software that can complete and print 1099-MISC forms as well as other 1099 forms. There are many different softwares out there, but W2 Mate comes highly recommended.

1099 Misc forms are to be filed the the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS has two methods of filing forms. You can file paper forms or you can electronically file the forms.

You can use a 1099 form printing software to print your 1099 Misc forms for the 2008 tax year. Using a software will print 1099 Misc B, C, state 1 and 2 to blank paper and will print 1099 Misc A and 1096 forms to preprinted forms.

The best approach to do 1099 forms is to use a software like W2 Mate. You can use W2 Mate software to print on the preprinted 1099 forms and print copies B, C and D on blank paper. W2 Mate is very affordable and easy to use. You can find out more about this product by visiting Read more…