Iowa 1099 Electronic Filing Instructions and Requirements

Iowa 1099 Electronic Filing Instructions and Requirements

W2 Mate e-File Iowa 1099s

Iowa businesses are required to file 1099 forms electronically with the state department of revenue. Follow the steps in this tutorial to learn how to E-File 1099s with Iowa Department of Revenue eFile & Pay website utilizing the W2 Mate software.

You can learn more about W2 Mate by visiting the page below or by calling 1-800-507-1992

Step # 1. Start by importing or manually entering your 1099-MISC data inside W2 Mate software.

Step # 2. Under the Company General Information tab inside W2 Mate, make sure to enter “IA” for the State field.

If you have “State of Iowa Withholding Permit Number” enter it under “Employer State ID” field.

Step # 3. Do make sure all the 1099-MISC recipients in this company will be reported to Iowa. Any other recipients will need to be either made in-active or deleted.

Step # 4. Very Important: Make sure Box 17 on all 1099-MISC forms is set to “IA”.

To be on the safe side, select from the top menu inside W2 Mate

“Tools > Other Recipient / 1099 Tools > Update Box 17 (State, Payers State #) for multiple 1099-MISC Recipients”

and select “IA” as the state abbreviation and the employer state ID if you have one.

Step # 5. If any 1099-MISC form includes Iowa state withholding amounts then make sure to double check

“State tax withheld and “State Income” boxes since they will be reported to the state.

Step # 6. From the top menu inside W2 Mate select “E-Filing > 1099-MISC Forms”.

Step # 7. In the 1099 E-File dialog use “11111” (no quotes) for the TCC code since you are filing with the state.

Step # 8. In the 1099 E-File dialog make sure you DO check the box “Include Combined Federal / State Filing Program Information”.

Check this box although Iowa does not participate in the program.

Step # 9. Iowa has special requirements for the output file name

The 1099 filename must follow this pattern:

“IAIR”, hyphen, log-in BEN, hyphen, Control#, period, and “txt”.

Control# equals the year at present followed by a three-digit sequence number.

IAIR-12345678-2018001.txt (This example is the first file uploaded in 2018 and 12345678 is the BEN).

Step # 10. Once all the data in the 1099 E-File dialog is populated, click the OK button.

Step # 11. W2 Mate will show a message that lists the recipients who will be included in the output file.

Next to each recipient you should see a text similar to (Upload to Iowa “eFile & Pay”).

Step # 12. W2 Mate will prompt you to enter your Business eFile Number (BEN).

Step # 13. W2 Mate will create the file and show a success message.

Step # 14. Upload the file generated through W2 Mate to Iowa Department of Revenue eFile & Pay website

To download free W2 Mate Software trial visit the page below: