Oklahoma 1099 Electronic Filing

Oklahoma 1099 Electronic Filing

W2 Mate e-File Iowa 1099s

Follow these steps to file Oklahoma 1099 forms electronically using W2 Mate Software.

You can download free trial of W2 Mate from the page below:


Step # 1. Start by importing or manually entering your 1099-MISC data inside W2 Mate software.

Step # 2. Under the Company General Information tab inside W2 Mate, make sure to enter “OK” for the State field.

Step # 3. Very Important: Make sure Box 17 on all 1099-MISC forms is set to “OK”. To be on the safe side, select from the top menu inside W2 Mate “Tools > Other Recipient / 1099 Tools > Update Box 17 (State, Payers State #) for multiple 1099-MISC Recipients” and select “OK” as the state abbreviation and the employer state ID if you have one.

Step # 4. From the top menu inside W2 Mate select “E-Filing > 1099-MISC Forms”.

Step # 5. In the 1099 E-File dialog use “11111” (no quotes) for the TCC code since you are filing with the state.

Step # 6. In the 1099 E-File dialog make sure you DO check the box “Include Combined Federal / State Filing Program Information”.

Step # 7. Oklahoma has special requirements for the output file name


(1099MISC = Type of 1099, 001 = file sequence number, 2016 = Tax Year, 999999999 = YOUR FEIN)

Step # 8. Once all the data in the 1099 E-File dialog is populated, click the OK button. W2 Mate will create the file and show a success message.

Step # 9. Upload the file generated through W2 Mate to OkTAP.

To learn more about W2 Mate and Oklahoma 1099 E-Filing Visit: